fresh from my pen and mouse - johnny o'donnell tour poster

howdy strangers,
sure has been some time since i've posted something new on this here blog. life's been quite full and i just haven't had too many creative releases these days. been quite a bummer. but i did get to work up something that was a lot of fun for my good pal johnny o'donnell. he's about to head out on the road and asked if i could design a general tour poster that will go out to all the venues. very cool of him. he wanted a southern feel to it so this is what i came up with...there are two versions that we decided on. the first one was the more old timey styled one and the second is a more bold, colorized version. he decided he liked them both and is sending them both out to the venues. i'm including the original sketch, as well as what his current album cover looks like to give you an idea of where the character in the poster came from.


fresh from my happy place - the quarterly mélange: vol. 4

once again i was thankfully able to produce the next installment of the ongoing comix series, the quarterly mélange, for la record. as always, thanks to tom child for keeping me in check and on deadline. this piece features two paper works that i made using cut out colored paper and dictionary illustrations passed though a xerox machine numerous times, incorporated with a few digital elements.


fresh from my happy place - the quarterly mélange: vol. 3

it's been a while since last posting. unfortunately been quite busy lately with a new full-time gig. not so much of the free time going around these days. but here is the latest in one of the most fun ongoing projects i've had with la record, the quarterly mélange: vol. 3. this one came together from a blending of previous works that were created for a book illustration, now together again for the the first time.


fresh from my happy place - the quarterly mélange 'mini': vol. 1

it's been some time since my last post, mostly due to the non-stop busy schedule i've been living since the end of the year (and ongoing). unfortunately, the end of the year was when the la record deadline landed for the new issue and i was swamped, so i could only produce a smaller version of the ongoing series, the quarterly mélange, for the comix section. this actually worked out nicely because now i have the option of continuing these smaller versions as their own series. so here is 'the quarterly mélange mini vol. 1'.