fresh from the depths of my mind - sidewalk society ep 7" cover

i was honored to be asked by my friend and co-worker dan lawrence to design the cover of the new 7" ep for his band sidewalk society, which is being released and manufactured by the uk label fruits de mer. this was a fun project for me to really push color more than i'm used to doing, and dan did a nice job laying out the info text real clean for the cover spread. we also had an option of an insert so i designed an A3 (around 11x17) poster that the label would print and include in each copy of the record. it was great working with the original theme but creating something original for the poster. this is a limited edition release with only 300 copies being pressed so get your pre-order in now.

fresh from my happy place - the quarterly mélange: vol. 2

here is the second installment of 'the qm' for la record's comix section. thanks again to tom for putting the section together.

fresh from my pen & colored pencil - free moral agents

this is the redraw of the new free moral agents release 'control this' for the record reviews section in la record's 101st issue. if you don't know about this band, you really oughta.

fresh from my pen & mouse - black mountain & the black angels

for la record's 101st issue i was asked to create a double spread illustration of the bands black mountain and the black angels, who are on tour together. i really enjoyed working with the symmetry of the two page option.

fresh from my pen & mouse - 'the use of regret' book cover design

i was very happy to be asked by my friend greggory moore to design the book cover for the novel he has been writing for the last 10 years. i had fun coming up with the concept for this and working with greggory on fitting it so succinctly with the situations in the book. it's been a long process towards completion so we are both really looking forward to seeing the physical copy of this very soon.

fresh from my hands and ears - soundwalk 2010 installation

for this year's soundwalk event, i wanted to take people back to simpler times with a rocking chair, a porch (unobtained), crickets and a bug zapper. thanks to kamran for the blue lightbulb and kim for the use of the rocking chair.

fresh from my hands and ears - TAM installation

visual output also includes physical installations so the next two posts will be of two that i've created recently (using similar materials). FLOOD was asked to curate the torrance museum of art for a weekend in july of 2010, so in addition to inviting other artists to participate, each member of FLOOD came up with their own piece to display in one room together. my piece was titled 'water and oil' and featured a soundtrack resonating from the tubes of field recordings of the open ocean at night and the oil rigs of signal hill. here is a link to a track using some of those sounds.

fresh from my pen - johnny & ann's wedding invitation

i was truly honored when johnny o'donnell and ann hadlock asked me to design their wedding invitations. the drawing is of the actual church where they got married in mexico. here is a pic of how they came out.

fresh from my colored pencil - la record review covers issue 100

so the always-right-on folks at la record decided that for their 100th issue (and beyond) they would have the issue illustrators redraw the cover of the records that they would be reviewing, instead of just printing the actual covers. brilliant! so i had some quick fun with these. they are (in order) avi buffalo, magic lantern, brown & blue, and fraction.

fresh from my pen/blade/mouse - ty segall

this illustration of san fran's one-man-band, ty segall, was created for la record's 100th issue!!! (congrats to them) most is a physical collage with some mouse manipulation added. it was printed (very unfortunately) in black & white, so here for you now is the proper full-color version.

fresh from my recap - productive explosion

it has been way too long since my last entry. this is mainly do to how busy i have been over the last few months...busy being productive! posts to follow will include some of the recent designs and illustrations i've had a good time working on.


fresh from my mouse - another for johnny

here's the lastest poster installment for good 'ol johnny o'donnell. there is a definite casual nod to the inspiration of art chantry in this design. thanks art and as always, thanks johnny.


fresh from my happy place - the quarterly mélange: vol. 1 for the new la record comix section

well, i have to start by thanking tom from la.record for the hugely appreciated twisting of my arm to come up with something for the magazine's new comix section when the mag comes back with a Life magazine sized quarterly issue of goodness this month. (pick one up at {open}) the result is the first installment of 'the QM'. there will also be more frequent web comix coming soon on larecord.com.
tom, this one is for you.

fresh from my mouse - surf city saloon

here's the latest design i've worked up for daniela deneault (thru mike galaxy).


fresh from my pen & mouse - leopold & his fiction

here's my latest poster design for the san francisco group leopold & his fiction. thanks to mike galaxy for asking me to do this one. here are two versions.


fresh from my mouse - 3 years on 4th st. poster

here is the poster i designed for {open}'s 3 year anniversary on 4th st. and book release/music/poetry celebration.


fresh from my pencil / pen / mouse - flyer design

here is the second design i've put together for johnny o'donnell. it's nice to be working with a theme for his show posters (see first design here).


fresh from my mouse - matty byloos postcard

here's a recent design for an art exhibition / special event for the amazing artist and writer, matty byloos. come and see the show at {open} starting march 27th and going thru may 23rd. (photo of work supplied by the artist)

fresh from my mouse - SXSW poster

thanks to mike galaxy for asking me to design the poster for his 11th annual day party at this year's SXSW festival. here are two versions. and check out other posters from the event here.


fresh from my pencil - fulgeance

here's my latest installment for la record of the french producer/beat maker fulgeance.


fresh from my pencil - flyer design

so i met a very nice guy named johnny o'donnell while hanging my prints up for the la record xmas party. he liked the work and even bought a hunter s. thompson print as i was putting them on the wall. very cool. so he asked if i would be interested in doing an illustration of his band. i said yes, of course. that one is in the works, but in the meantime he asked if i could do up a flyer for their upcoming show. and here it is.


fresh from my pen - julie doiron

here's the latest piece for la record of singer julie doiron. it was drawn with a bic pen and re-realized enjoying the shading it has to offer. the backdrop is paisley wallpaper.