fresh from my pencil - fulgeance

here's my latest installment for la record of the french producer/beat maker fulgeance.


fresh from my pencil - flyer design

so i met a very nice guy named johnny o'donnell while hanging my prints up for the la record xmas party. he liked the work and even bought a hunter s. thompson print as i was putting them on the wall. very cool. so he asked if i would be interested in doing an illustration of his band. i said yes, of course. that one is in the works, but in the meantime he asked if i could do up a flyer for their upcoming show. and here it is.


fresh from my pen - julie doiron

here's the latest piece for la record of singer julie doiron. it was drawn with a bic pen and re-realized enjoying the shading it has to offer. the backdrop is paisley wallpaper.