fresh from my mouse - hello, out there... cd packaging

here is the recently completed cd packaging for steve de france's poetry reading collection titled "hello, out there...". (shown are the front cover, back cover and cd designs. plus logos created for the production company.)


fresh from my pen & mouse - the monks

here is the latest installment for la record. it's the legendary 60's garage-rock band the monks. also known as 'the anti-beatles'.


fresh from my mouse - parasitic fantasy band & smgsap/metal rouge

here is the flyer i put together for an upcoming show that scott and i will be performing for. it will be a very unique night of sights and sounds featuring new zealand's parasitic fantasy band and smgsap playing together with metal rouge to a short film by paul clipson.

fresh from my mouse - alessi's ark

here is the flyer i put together for a recent performance at the shop with alessi's ark, lili de la mora & michael wysong, and DJ fando y lis.